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  • Uncovering Student Ideas in Science Series

    Science Formative Assessment Probes K-12+

    1. Elicit common misconceptions
    2. Assessments that inform instruction
    3. Assessments that promote learning
    4. NSTA's best-selling assessment series!
  • Uncovering Student Thinking in Mathematics Series

    Mathematics Formative Assessment Probes K-12+

    1. Elicit common errors and misconceptions
    2. Assessment that informs instruction
    3. Assessment that promotes learning
    4. QUEST Cycle for teachers as researchers
  • Formative Assessment Practical Strategies Series

    Get the FACTs!

    1. FACTs- Formative Assessment Classroom Techniques
    2. Link assessment, instruction, and learning
    3. Build a repertoire of purposeful, effective strategies
    4. Promote student success through continuous assessment

What's New

Teaching for Conceptual Change in Science! A blend of theory, research, personal vignettes, and practical strategies and suggestions. Dick and I are so excited that our opus will be off the press and available in late March (just missed NSTA CHicago). Come to our session at NSTA Chicago, Saturday, March 14 at 12:30!


It's finally here! The second volume in the Uncovering Student Ideas in Physical Science- 39 Electricity and Magnetism Formative Assessment Probes by Page Keeley and Rand Harrington is now available. Check out this latest volume of probes organized around Electric Charge, Electric Circuits, Magnets and Magnetism, and Electromagnetism. These probes are for Grades 3-12 students and teachers, and are especially useful in uncovering students' ideas in preparation for engineering design activities that involve electric circuits, magnets, and electromagnets. You can read more about this new volume and download a free chapter and probe by clicking here.


New K-5 Book! Just released in time for the Boston NSTA Conference! This new book for K-5, features a formative assessment probe, a purpose for using the probe, and a formative assessment classroom technique (FACT) with a detailed description of formative assessment in practice. An added feature is the discussion reflection questions at the end of each of the 30 chapters- questions for discussion/reflection after reading the chapter and questions for discussion/reflection after implementing the strategy. And follow up resources for extending the learning. This is a great resource for professional learning groups, leaders of professional development, and pre-service education. Learn more and download a free chapter by clicking here.


It's here! This first book in the USI series that is specifically for K-2 primary grades students and teachers is now available through NSTA or Click here to read more about it and download a free probe ("Is It Made of Parts?") and chapter that includes connections to the NGSS practices and Common Core speaking and listening standards as well as suggestions for using talk moves with the probes. Several of the probes can be revisited with grades 3-5 students. The visual nature of these probes is great for use with English language learners.


Interested in acquiring e-versions of the probes? You can now purchase Uncovering Student Ideas in Science e-licenses from NSTA for your school or district. Click here to for more information.












Elementary and Middle School teachers and specialists from Lafayette and the East Baton Rouge Parish School District and Math-Science Partnership Project come together with Page Keeley on May 13, 2014 to learn about formative assessment in mathematics using probes from the Uncovering Student Thinking in Mathemetics and strategies from Mathematics Formative Assessment.


Science Formative Assessment in Medellin, Colombia! A partnership between the TRC, IC2 (both at UT Austin), UTSA, Parque Explora, and the City of Medellin STEAM LABs 2014 is bringing innovation to the schools of Medellin, Colombia. May 6-9 was the Development Kick-Off involving teachers from 11 schools and professors from local universities who are supporting the work.  Pictured are Carol Fletcher (UT Austin), Jennifer Kaszuba (UT Austin) and Josue Machuca (La Institucion Educativa Jose Maria Bernal)


Page Keeley presented several sessions on Formative Assessment at the April 2013 NSTA Conference in San Antonio. A real highlight was seeing other educators present sessions using the Uncovering Student Ideas probes and the formative assessment classroom techniques (FACTs). These science specialists from the Boston Public Schools gave an outstanding presentation on formative assessment.




Science educators from New England attend a Formative Assessment and Inquiry workshop March 9, 2013 with Page Keeley at the Museum of Science in Boston, held at their Educator Resource Center.










A great group of leaders from the Texas Regional Collaboratives met at the Houston Museum of Natural Sciences for a two-day immersion into Science Formative Assessment.










Other News

Off the press and available now- 2nd volume of the bestseller! Science Formative Assessment (Vol. 2)- 50 More Practical Strategies for Linking Assessment, Instruction, and Learning by Page Keeley. Added feature: Connections to the NGSS core ideas, practices, and cross-cutting concepts. Between all 3 books in this series, there are 138 different FACTs (formative assessment classroom techniques). Click here to download the list of 138 FACTs. Order from NSTA Press or Corwin Press.


Honored to announce that Uncovering Student Ideas in Primary Science received the Distinguished Award for Assessment from the American Educational Publishers Association. The award was received by my publisher, NSTA Press, at the annual AEP Awards Gala in Washington DC. Congratulations NSTA Press!


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Page Keeley receives the National Science Education Leadership Association's (NSELA) Outstanding Leadership in Science Education Award (OLISE) at the Annual Members Breakfast during the NSTA San Antonio National Conference. This prestigious award recognizes and honors an NSELA member, who, through their professional work, has demonstrated outstanding leadership in science education at the school, district, county, regional, and/or national level.


See Author, Page Keeley, discuss the NSTA Uncovering Student Ideas series on YouTube video!





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What People Say

Page Keeley's science probes have changed the direction of science education in Orange County. We are grateful to Page for the work she has done with our teachers and for the achievement gains we have seen as a result!

       Bonnie Mizell, Instructional Coach, Howard Middle School, Orlando, FL
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